Coarse Food And The Colon

The following instructive table by Rubner, professor of Physiology, Berlin University, shows results obtained from equal weights of different foods. In grams Weight Weight Percentage of of dried of ingested feces feces food Nitrogen Bread from fine flour…. 132.7 24.8 4.03 2.17 Bread from coarse flour.. 252.8 40.8 6.66 324 Brown Bread 317.8 75.79 1223 […]

Colon Health – Is Sugar of Milk The Long Sought Remedy?

What bids to be a true and long sought corrective for both uncomplicated, acute and chronic constipation is a result of very recent studies on the reactions of lactose (sugar of milk) and dextrine to conditions in the intestinal tract. The subject is important enough to require a historical review. After much wandering in the […]

Putrefaction In The Colon

The microscopic organisms commonly called bacteria are also known in the popular mind as germs, microbes, micro-organisms, bacilli, and micro-cocci, while a New York magazine recently called them bugs. In the middle of the 19th century they were known only to a few experts and were looked upon as curiosities of the micro-scope, chiefly interesting […]

Hardening Of The Arteries And Blood Pressure

Thickening of the innermost of the three coats of a blood vessel (sclerosis) in which both the elastic and connective tissue elements are concerned, in Osler’s opinion, is perhaps the most constant feature in all types of arterio-sclerosis (a fibrous overgrowth associated with degenerative changes in the middle coat, causing thickening of the arterial wall […]

Interesting Facts About Food

There are many  unhackneyed facts on the subject of diet, some of which are assembled in this chapter. If a weak, half per cent solution of boiled starch is taken into the mouth and kept there for but 20 seconds and then expelled into a test tube, it will be found that the starch has […]

Intelligent Use Of The Enema

There is no dictum in medical literature more common than the advice that the enema is a device that should be resorted to as a temporary expedient only, and that the same rule applies to the use of any laxative medicine. This is believed by some excellent authorities to be ill-considered advice as to enemas, […]

The Art Of Long Life

Health is that state of mind in which the body is not consciously present to us; the state in which work is easy and duty not too great a trial; the state in which it is a joy to see, to think, to feel, to be.—Sir Andrew Clark. Only by prolonged and arduous efforts has […]

Effects Of Tobacco On Longevity

Tobacco affects different persons variously. Whether it causes arterio-sclerosis (the increase of connective tissue in the walls of arteries) or not we do see every day that persistent smokers lose too soon their youthful looks and complexion, a change especially conspicuous in women who have fallen into the cigarette habit.’ There are good observers, among […]

New Light On Longevity

Of the 8797 descendants of William Hyde, of Norwich, Conn., who died in 1681, a written record exists of the birth, marriage and death of 2958. So far as the Hyde strain is concerned these descendants rapidly lost, of course, everything but a mere trace of that blood. The first generation owed a half to […]

Purgatives – Their Proper And Improper Use

Intestinal stasis coming on gradually after the age of 60, says Hurst, can at first be controlled by diet but sooner or later proper purgatives are frequently required. It is also often necessary in intractable cases (to be dispensed with as soon as possible) and in early stages of milder cases where non-medical methods are […]