Colon Health Conditions – Spastic Constipation

Spasticity in the sense used here is spasmodic contraction of the large bowel, acute or chronic. Patients suffering from this condition are generally thin, more or less neurotic (nervous) individuals, many being definitely neurasthenic (lack of nerve balance or tone) and a few hypochondriacal (melancholic). There is always a long history of the condition which […]

Constipation – Agar Or Bran? Which?

The use of agar (a dried seaweed from the East) in constipation was first suggested as late as 1905 by Prof. Adolf Schmidt, of Dresden, Germany. Since then a wide experience has extended its use in every civilized country. A search of the medical literature of the subject fails to find any dissenting opinion against […]

The Real Facts About Good Complexions

“No woman can have a good complexion or be physically at her best in attractiveness who is an habitual sufferer from intestinal stasis. Her complexion will not be good, the odors of her body frequently offensive, while her physical and mental reactions will be sluggish. It is strange that the feminine desire to please should […]

Commonest Form Of Stasis

As the intestinal contents pass downward they carry with them the flora (micro-organic plant life) from a higher level, but if the conditions are not favorable for their growth they quickly give way to more adapted types. In the lower part of the colon, due to the gradual loss of water, there is a marked […]

Vitamin Knowledge Incomplete But Important

What may be called the Vitamin theory as applied to food is based on one of the great discoveries of this century and is as yet far from being completed. The starting point was the study by Takaki, Medical Inspector General of the Japanese Navy, of the prevalence of the disease beriberi in the Japanese […]

Prominent Authorities On Loss Of Hair

The greatest predisposing cause in premature loss of hair is heredity. In 1200 private cases a family history of baldness was found in 571. Of these cases 28 were brokers, 81 clerks, 38 lawyers, 35 merchants, 74 physicians, 68 students, 57 teachers and 34 of other professions and trades, all indoor occupations. The exciting cause […]

Greedy Colon

Goodhart of London, consulting physician to Guy’s Hospital, first used the phrase “greedy colon.” In a lecture delivered in 19021 he made this observation: “I have no doubt in my own mind that this absorbing organ (the colon) is much more active in some than in others and that when greedy the colon, by rejecting […]

Colon Health – The Ounce Of Prevention

People under five and thirty should keep sharp eyes on their intestinal mechanism. No study is better re-paid. In the case of young women the element of good looks also enters into consideration because they are casting an anchor to windward against a pallid and unhealthy skin, with its occasional accompaniment of pimples and various […]

Colon Health – A Bad Colon And Bad Teeth

Pyorrhea (Riggs disease, tooth infection) is one medical term that seems to have been thoroughly mastered by the general public. This is another way of saying that this disease has a wide distribution. First as, to causes. Brackett’ says one fact is absolutely sure of this disease, when it once becomes deeply established it can […]

Colon Health – Poor Appetite A Cause

A poor appetite is a common cause of constipation. It is an almost constant symptom of neurasthenia (a group of symptoms resulting from debility or exhaustion of nerve centers) so that an insufficient quantity of food is generally an important factor in the stasis which is so frequently present in this condition. The patient diets […]