Mysteries Of The Intestine

Hurst is of the opinion that unfortunately it is not possible to make a diagnosis of intestinal stasis (constipation) from symptoms alone. The worst case he has ever seen of intestinal toxemia (poisoning), with the classical symptoms of extreme emaciation, extensive pigmentation, evil-smelling sweat and cold extremities, was not due to chronic intestinal stasis but […]

Colon Health – Starting Right With Infants And Children

Fischer says that with many mothers and nurses the indiscriminate drugging of children to move the bowels is a daily routine. This practice is so common that it is rare to hear of infants or children who function normally. Drugs and correctives are used without rhyme or reason. The giving of a daily laxative will […]

Colon Health – Poor Appetite A Cause

A poor appetite is a common cause of constipation. It is an almost constant symptom of neurasthenia (a group of symptoms resulting from debility or exhaustion of nerve centers) so that an insufficient quantity of food is generally an important factor in the stasis which is so frequently present in this condition. The patient diets […]

Abdominal Excercises A Requirement

Weak abdominal muscles are practically always associated with intestinal stasis. The reason is plain, as has been elsewhere several times pointed out. Many people do not realize that they have them, and as to developing a good hard set of them, not one person in a thousand ever gives the matter any attention. In combating […]

Digestion In The Stomach

In a famous book in its day, “History of a Mouthful of Bread,” by Jean Mace, republished in this country from the eighth French edition (1868), the author observes: “If your body were made of glass and you could watch your intestine at work, it would appear to you like a very long and large […]

Colon Health – Startling Theories Of Self-Poisoning

The word auto-intoxication has come to mean in late popular sense a self-poisoning or infection of the body from a disease focus within the large intestine arising in putrefying material. As a matter of fact the word is wrongly used as it really applies to any secondary infection, whatever the primary source within the body. […]

The Greatest Menace Of All

Field says he is continually surprised at the mistake people make as to the completeness of defecation. This error is frequently practiced regularly by persons who are very particular as to personal cleanliness in all other matters. It is almost a regular experience to find in cases of stasis located in the lower end of […]

Drinking Water

The foregoing deductions of Hawk are apparently opposed to ordinary human experience, but are not for that reason to be rejected. Hawk, it seems, was not satisfied, for he continued his experiments and published them in 1919. In quoting his later conclusions the reader will note that his phrase “flushed out of the system” can […]

Story The Urine Tells

Normal urine is slightly acid, froths when shaken but the foam soon disappears when at rest The normal quantity is 40 to 50 ounces in 24 hours. On standing, a cloud of mucus is deposited, derived from the surface lining of the bladder and urinary passages. The specific gravity is in proportion to its concentration. […]

The Coated Tongue – Its Cause And Meaning

The coated tongue is due to the blood being charged with toxins. The tongue’s resistance and that of other fluids is thus lowered, the saliva loses its power to stop the growth of micro-organisms and the mouth becomes an incubating chamber in which molds and bacteria of various sorts grow luxuriantly. In this condition the […]