Mysteries Of The Intestine

Hurst is of the opinion that unfortunately it is not possible to make a diagnosis of intestinal stasis (constipation) from symptoms alone. The worst case he has ever seen of intestinal toxemia (poisoning), with the classical symptoms of extreme emaciation, extensive pigmentation, evil-smelling sweat and cold extremities, was not due to chronic intestinal stasis but […]

Overlooked Facts In Water Drinking

Important facts in water drinking are overlooked in the foregoing somewhat contradictory observations. Thus Starling says there is relatively nearly as much moisture at the lower end of the long small intestine as there is at the upper. Hawk says that soon after copious water drinking the water can be demonstrated far down in the […]

Drinking Water

The foregoing deductions of Hawk are apparently opposed to ordinary human experience, but are not for that reason to be rejected. Hawk, it seems, was not satisfied, for he continued his experiments and published them in 1919. In quoting his later conclusions the reader will note that his phrase “flushed out of the system” can […]

Surprising Theories Of Water Drinking

Any large loss of fluid to the body, as by sweating, diarrhea, hemorrhage, gives rise to an intense thirst that has its natural reaction in increased intake of water by the mouth. On the other hand, the property possessed by the alimentary canal of absorbing water and weak saline fluids contained in its interior is […]

Putrefaction In The Colon

The microscopic organisms commonly called bacteria are also known in the popular mind as germs, microbes, micro-organisms, bacilli, and micro-cocci, while a New York magazine recently called them bugs. In the middle of the 19th century they were known only to a few experts and were looked upon as curiosities of the micro-scope, chiefly interesting […]

Digestion In The Stomach

In a famous book in its day, “History of a Mouthful of Bread,” by Jean Mace, republished in this country from the eighth French edition (1868), the author observes: “If your body were made of glass and you could watch your intestine at work, it would appear to you like a very long and large […]

Colon Health – Starting Right With Infants And Children

Fischer says that with many mothers and nurses the indiscriminate drugging of children to move the bowels is a daily routine. This practice is so common that it is rare to hear of infants or children who function normally. Drugs and correctives are used without rhyme or reason. The giving of a daily laxative will […]

Colon Health – A Bad Colon And Bad Teeth

Pyorrhea (Riggs disease, tooth infection) is one medical term that seems to have been thoroughly mastered by the general public. This is another way of saying that this disease has a wide distribution. First as, to causes. Brackett’ says one fact is absolutely sure of this disease, when it once becomes deeply established it can […]

Prominent Authorities On Loss Of Hair

The greatest predisposing cause in premature loss of hair is heredity. In 1200 private cases a family history of baldness was found in 571. Of these cases 28 were brokers, 81 clerks, 38 lawyers, 35 merchants, 74 physicians, 68 students, 57 teachers and 34 of other professions and trades, all indoor occupations. The exciting cause […]

The Real Facts About Good Complexions

“No woman can have a good complexion or be physically at her best in attractiveness who is an habitual sufferer from intestinal stasis. Her complexion will not be good, the odors of her body frequently offensive, while her physical and mental reactions will be sluggish. It is strange that the feminine desire to please should […]